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Have you had problems with your garage door springs lately? Are you having troubles leaving or entering your house? if you are sick of these problems, Seatac Garage Door Repair has a long list of services totally at your disposal that will  handle your garage, warehouse or underground parking structure in no time. Repairing springs is a breeze to Seatac Garage Door Repair, because Seatac Garage Door Repair means quality, speed, reliability and satisfaction nowadays.

Seatac Garage  is the best in spring repairing. Besides repair, also, we can fully change the look of your garage without any problem. Repairing damaged springs, has catapulted us to the first option as to repair damaged springs matters. You know who has done a quality job when the work was done by a professional. Damaged springs concerns are over forever.

Torsion Springs

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It is sad to know that by wanting to save, cheap materials used at the time of installation. The working life of a spring has its limits, remember that they are stretched and bent to open, close and lift heavy doors at the same time. That is, you can only use your door a certain number of times before damage. Depending on its use, they could crack or break after two years of work.

If you feel you have problems to open or close the doors of your garage, if you see the springs gimped, If the door stops when it rises,  If the springs are separated or if you hear any kind of noise, the repair or replacement time has come for your springs. Perhaps only one of the springs is damaged, however, both springs must be replaced because its usage time is the same. Seatac Garage Doors Repair has the ability of installing low cycle springs, which could last up to 3 years or more, or if you prefer you can choose another option such as high cycle springs that that will ensure that you do not worry about them for many years. There are companies that prefer not to change springs because they say that the more the use, the best performance. Do not believe that; all the springs have a certain life cycle as well as all things, nothing lasts forever, avoid using your garage door if springs are damaged, it can make the damage even greater. Avoid bad times; avoid the tedious work of changing or repairing the springs yourself. Drop that work to the people who knows.

Extension Spring

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These shown here, are slightly longer and durable than torsion springs, and they are usually used in small garage doors. Broken extension springs and damaged torsion spring can cause you all sorts of problems. When you hear clicking in the spring when you open or close the doors, you know it’s time replacement or repair. They will only stretch a little more before breaking completely. So, for the door opens and closes correctly, both springs must be replaced at the same time. Call the experts at Seatac Garage Door just when you start to hear these broken spring noises. Only our team is trained to do this work throughout the area of Seatac.

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